Our Services

Credo provides clients with the communications advisory services needed to achieve their business goals. All our work starts by understanding your communications needs, analysing the situation you face, and then using the latest communications tactics and strategies to give you the support you require. We are one of the only agencies to fully integrate public relations, media relations, social media, branding and marketing to give holistic answers to often complicated communications needs.

Public Relations (PR)

At the core of our work is the ability to translate your communications requirements into relatable, relevant, and appropriate messages which work across a full range of comms channels. We build, maintain, and defend the reputation of companies in their home markets and overseas. This includes all external and internal communications across traditional and new media. Working with executives and PR teams we become an invaluable resource, advising on and implementing winning public relations initiatives.

Investor Relations

Investor Relations (IR) is now a vital part of firm’s communications whether they are listed or looking to go public. From having a defined and implementable ESG strategy through to providing a clear and honest assessment of the company’s performance, IR is essential to creating a fair market valuation. In the Middle East region there is a further requirement to create and maintain liquidity through building coverage and accessing investors. Credo’s IR specialists offer unique insights and real market expertise to help businesses achieve their capital market ambitions.

Corporate Communications

Corporate communication is about increasing the level of trust in a company. This is partly through communicating the positive actions and explaining when more work is required, but it is also about being aware of the influencers (positive and negative) who could potentially impact the business. It is easy to talk about reputation management but to really be able to influence this you must know all the facts and how to respond. We are an analytics and data-driven team that offers high-quality corporate communications advisory which makes a difference.

Media Relations

The world of media relations has changed. News reporting is online and instant. It can be through traditional media channels or driven by social media. Journalists develop editorial and let Instagram break the news. We are the trusted partner in navigating the media world across all channels from financial reporting to public affairs. Online and offline we have the contacts, experience and creativity to get your message heard.


At the heart of all good communications is the ability to define a winning strategy. This is our goal and our passion. We work closely with clients to understand their story and set the strategy using the right messages, the correct channels and engaging the best influencers and media to achieve their goals. We draw on our multi-market and cross sector experience to give you the support you need, whether you are a start-up, established corporate or looking to grow your business. Credo is always innovative and challenging and focused on achieving the results you want.

Social Media

Digital communications are dynamic. You can only succeed with a team of innovative specialist digital and social marketers, who understand the channels (current and future) and can set strategies designed for each individual client. We offer a unique service which takes your written messages and translates these into the visual media which works through social media channels. Our teams give you the right balance of copywriting, design, animation, and video content development brought together under an overarching business communications strategy.

Design and Advertising

We offer a fully integrated design and advertising service which takes business strategy and translates this into cost-effective above-the-line campaign delivery. Whether you are looking at solutions from outdoor, to POS or sponsorship activations, we have the experience to create innovative campaigns which drive awareness, sales and build reputation. As a full service agency we link all work back into out media relations and social media delivery to give you holistic solutions. We provide in-house as well as outsourced designed solutions and creative input depending on the task.

Video/ Broadcast Production

At Credo we communicate stories and messages through imaginative branded creative content design, placed through a range of communications platforms and channels. We generate big ideas and design attention-grabbing visual materials which engage audiences helping you to change perceptions and behaviour. This includes brand films, animations, app development, and interactive games, to get your message through to the people – customers, partners influencers – who can make a difference. From full-crew HD format film shoots through to a small animated widget we will give you the answers you need.